Call Center Management

Your Number One Consultancy Partner

Through our experienced Help-Desk, Customer Service and Call Centre Consultants, we provide excellent Services and Training.

We have skills and experience in implementing Call Centre services for SMEs or large companies. We also carry out training for Call Centre Representatives from the Managerial to the Agent levels.

DGU runs Customer Service Agent trainings that are either generic, or tailored to meet your special organizational needs. We provide on-site or off-site training sessions, with various practicals and scenarios to prepare your staff for possible situations they may come across on the job. We always implement the training philosophy of hearing, seeing and doing.

We also implement Call Centre Solutions. Call centre technologies that we have implemented include solutions from Cisco and Avaya, we have several other choices of technologies or implementations for you to select from.

Our Call Centre Services include:

  • Call Centre Implementation
  • Call Centre Recruitment Services
  • Call Centre Agent Training
  • Call Centre Management
  • Virtual Office Services
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